Flexion-DistractionFlexion-Distraction is a safe and gentle chiropractic treatment procedure utilized for back pain.

It is used to treat people with a variety of pain syndromes that have not responded to other treatment approaches, and an alternative for back surgery for those patients whose conditions do not demand surgical intervention. Flexion-Distraction is a painless non-invasive procedure that is performed using a special treatment table that allows the practitioner to gently stretch and bend the back in various directions while he/she adds gentle pressure to different parts of the spine.

Flexion-Distraction is utilized for many conditions such as:

– Disc Herniation/Ruptured Disc / Bulging Disc / Herniated Disc
– Sciatica / Leg pain
– Stenosis
– Failed course of Steroid Injections
– Chemical Radiculitis
– Spondylolisthesis
– Transitional segment

How does Flexion-Distraction Work?

It increases the intervertebral disc height allowing for improved circulation and decreased irritation of spinal nerves. It further allows joints to regain their proper motion and position in the body. This relieves the pain that is often felt due to misalignment and constriction of the spine.


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