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Northeastern Chiropractic was established in 2011 to serve the Framingham, Natick, and Boston MetroWest regions. From your first visit to our office, you’ll immediately feel comfortable in our welcoming, family friendly environment.  Our mission is to personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program that meets each of our patient’s unique needs. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, recurrent headaches, muscle tension or a recent injury, we focus on the best way to treat the problem and develop a plan to prevent future pain.

We use the latest evidence based chiropractic techniques and therapies to help our patients live free of pain and function to their greatest potential. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from chiropractic care – we can help! Find out what Chiropractic can do for you.

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Doctor’s Articles
Dr. Diaz and Dr. Chiang both provide exceptional chiropractic services, each going above and beyond what you might typically expect from a chiropractor. They spend the time to get to know you and understand your aches and pains, and then use a multitude of treatments in order to optimize your recovery. Dr. Diaz is especially talented in working with pregnant women. She’s taken great care of me during my pregnancy allowing me to work, sleep and exercise comfortably. I am so grateful to have Northeastern Chiropractic as part of my support system.
Rachel D.
I have been going to NE Chiropractic for my typical aches and pains from decades of lifting weights and other activities. There’s many good chiropractors out there, but not many who really understand how to treat active people, and use a wide range of treatment modalities as NE Chiropractic does. That’s why I highly recommend them to anyone in the region.
Will B.
Having been a skeptic of chiropractic services, I was surprised to see how well my husband responded to Dr. Diaz’s treatments. I had chronic pain issues too and based on my husband’s success at Northeastern Chiropractic, I too sought out their services. I couldn’t be happier with how I feel. Melissa and Peter are experts and take the time to ask questions of their patients and render specific care based on their needs.
Bridget O.
Highly recommended! I had an accident 30+ years ago that affected my neck and low back. I’ve seen other chiropractors and had only temporary relief. In two months seeing Dr. Melissa Diaz I’ve had positive improvements that amaze me. My neck is more stable and my low back hurts much less, plus I have increased range of motion in both areas. To me there are two parts to seeing any doctor; the office visit, and most importantly the effect on my health when I go home. Dr. Melissa Diaz gets A+ from me on both parts. She is very professional, articulate, flexible and most important of all, when I go home I feel so much better. I am very glad I visited Melissa at Northeastern Chiropractic.
Glenn M.
I needed an appointment quickly, and one close by. I decided to take a chance on this office, even though it didn’t have a review yet and I didn’t have a recommendation for it. I’m glad I did. Though I met both doctors, the doctor who treated me was Dr. Chiang. Both doctors were friendly and relaxed, and the office area was bright and clean.

Dr. Chiang was able to understand the problem and perform some muscle release movements that immediately improved the situation. It’s only been twelve hours since the treatment, but already I’m back to almost normal, with only mild residual soreness.

Mary M.
Dr. Diaz & Dr. Chiang are two of the nicest and kindest chiropractors I have ever met. They genuinely care about their clients and provide an unbelievably calming and relaxed atmosphere in their office. Both are extremely professional yet very caring. They offer an unparalleled doctors experience. Thank you to both of you and keep on doing exactly what you do. It is a breath of fresh air to find two professionals in today’s crazy world that care about and treat clients as both of you do.
Thank you thank you!
Peter G.
Dr. Diaz did a great job of putting my back in shape. She was very professional and took the time to understand my issue. She knew just what to do to make me as good as new. I am now back in action thanks to her getting me aligned.
Larry D.
Great service and patient care. I have constant neck and wrist pain and after visiting these guys I always come out new. Not only do the doctors relieve the pain, but they gave me specific information on the reason of the my strains and how to avoid any more damage to the affected areas.

This is by far a walk in remedy. They listen, care, treat, and inform you about how to deal with pain. A great personalized experience in a world full of get well quick schemes.

Jorge S.
Highly recommended. During my last pregnancy I started getting terrible pain and stiffness in my lower back. With the help of Dr. Melissa I was much more comfortable and finally able to sleep through the nights during my third trimester. The treatment is also amazing. I felt right at home.
Raquel D.
I had been to chiropractors in the past but never any as caring and professional as those at Northeastern Chiropractic. They actually listened to my issues and were very willing to help me with my pain. They treated me amazingly and were willing to accommodate me with my busy schedule (willing to work outside of their office hours). I feel so much better now and will not hesitate to go back if anything else happens. Definitely highly recommended.
Mike T.
I am so happy I found these chiropractors because I use to have a horrible pain in my back and I could barely move but after they saw me just once I was like new. They are so kind and really care about you. They gave me my life back. After I left their office I felt like a new person and could go on living without pain. I really thank God I found them. I highly recommend them to anyone that is living with pain as I was. They are the best doctors I have ever met.
Carmen M.
The doctors at Northeastern Chiropractic have always gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional care. They are very knowledgeable and most importantly deliver results. I look forward to the treatments I receive and know I’m in good hands.
Vicki S.